The Order of St. Lazarus, Present Day

A time of upheavel, Boston, 2013

The 4 Wings of the Order of St. Lazarus have suffered greatly at the War between Voltani the Invincible and Marcus Caliphante. The Lions Head and the All Seeing Eye have entrenched themselves in Rome and have put their weight behind Voltani the Ventrue, while the Dragons Fire and the Eagles claw have found refuge in Boston and support Marcus’ bid for unification and control of the Order.

It has been over 300 years since anyone has heard from Sigmund (aka Lazarus), and greed and corruption have spread rampantly. Both Voltani and Marcus accuse each other of falling under the sway of various Infernal and Underworld entities. Both are right, both are wrong. Marcus has been active in luring away some of Voltani’s precious Lion and Eye allies, as Voltani has done with Marcus’ Dragon and Eagle Bretheren.

Marcus has found a method of remaining hidden in Boston due to its vast C’thonic and Teluric currents, and so he has put out a mandate to search the globe for worthy candidates of the Order. He will convene in the Spring of this year to initiate all the new recruits into the order and pursue their true purpose again…

Lazarine dragon


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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