Since time immemorial the creatures of darkness have wandered the world, pursuing they mystical ends, often preying on mankind in the process.

The Order of St. Lazarus was founded by a Crusading Knight in the 14th century. He was born Sigmund Merovingian, and in the desert sands of Persia he learned many secrets from the Sufi Sages. He had awakened, the Supernal energies fed his endeavors. Yet he knew that there was a greater measure of power to be gained. He had felt that beyond the Supernal was a Unity, something that others had called “Empyrean”, some “The Throne”, and others “The Principal”. Here was a battery and source of unlimited power. He founded an Order of like-minded individuals who would travel the world, taking powerful items and relics, stealing the life force from the strong, and opening gateways to forbidden places.

Some say they are the most evil beings in all of creation, they tend to think of themselves and the true scientists of this grand experiment called creation. There is no end to which they will push themselves in order to grow stronger and more powerful. As Sigmund preaches “God did not make Angels, no, it is the most powerful that assume the powers of the Gods and thus can shape reality at their own discretion”.

Lazarine knights

The Order of St. Lazarus, Present Day

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